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Spend your digital money anywhere with virtual or plastic bitcoin debit card or ether debit card. Switch between crypto and fiat currencies in an instant or make transactions through online wallet.

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1 BTC → 748.13 €

1 BTC ← 769.77 €

1 BTC → $ 782.39

1 BTC ← $ 790.66

1 BTC → £ 623.47

1 BTC ← £ 643.95


Receiving part of your income in cryptocurrency? Or maybe just trying out its benefits, tapping into the whole new world of opportunities? EXWAL is a secure and trusted tool to integrate digital currency into your real-life transactions.

Not only bitcoins, but also ethers

Now you finally have a service letting you manage not just your bitcoins, but also etherium digital currency. Register, get access, start making transactions and order a bitcoin debit card or ether debit card for purchases and withdrawals.

Your money is secure

EXWAL safeguards your money. Enjoy full transparency, straightforward commissions and the advantages of the latest comprehensive full-threat security measures including two-factor authentication and Multisig technology.

Functional and easy as pie

It is so intuitive and simple, you will love using EXWAL. Transfer, exchange and spend your crypto-money with ease. Add to it virtual or plastic bitcoin debit card or ether debit card — now your digital money can be used in real-life transactions all around the world.