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Perceptive Business Executives and wise Managers & Directors in today's world recognize that events on one side of the globe can have profound ramifications on events, activities & decisions on the other.

Those Executives & Managers know thet the most practical & prudent approach to day-to-day Operations, Management and Strategy & Planning incorporates an alert awareness of global affairs & economies — including an international, regional, national & local point of view, even if the business is operating only on a strictly local basis.

Visionary Consulting In a Client-Driven World

Practical & prudent Management & Operations and sound Business Planning, Strategy and Decision-Making don't just occur automatically. Or, in a vacuum.

They demand continually updated, new and pertinent information. They also call for a conscious, active effort at assessing & evaluating existing information in light of the new, incoming information and an awareness of how a Business' Management, Operations, Strategy & Planning, Financial Affairs and Decision-Making may be substantially affected by ever-changing global affairs & events.

Of course, dynamic or dramatic changes in international, regional, national & local economies, markets & marketplaces can easily ripple throughout the economies & decisions of local, national, regional or international Businesses, Companies, Corporations & High Net-Worth Individuals.

Helping our Clients stay on top of that ever-changing landscape is our primary mission & our task.

Alert, Aware, Informed & Involved

Lexomo, LLC is an International Management & Consulting Firm dedicated to providing practical, prudent, insightful Advice & Counsel to our local, national, regional & international Clients.

In fulfilling our professional responsibilities to our Clients, we support their needs for pertinent assessment & evaluation and inspired, wise recommendations tailored to their specific circumstances & situation — always with an eye on their Business, Management, Operations and Strategy & Planning goals & objectives.

A major part of our work revolves around recommendations regarding structuring agreements & transactions, operational procedures and short-range, intermediate & long-range strategy & planning. And, sound financial management & planning.

Seven Pillars Of Professional Performance

Tailored Solutions • Understanding • Integrity
Responsibility • Insight • Trust • Confidentiality

Every Client, and every assignment we accept, is unique & distinct. And, yet, all Clients and all assignments have things in common.

In spite of the things in common they may have, we won't take any Client for granted. Or, any assignment. Nor will we rely on stock answers, or stock solutions, to fulfill a Client's goals & objectives, or an assignment on behalf of a Client.

That would be tremendously unfair to our Client, and a breakdown in our own professional integrity, which we won't allow.

The only way to do the best job possible for each Client is to tailor our efforts to that specific Client, to the specific situation & to the specific set of goals & objectives we're dealing with. That's our commitment to our Clients.

In order to fulfill our Mission & our Commitment, we make a genuine effort to know & understand the Client, individually. And, intimately.

International, Regional, National & Local Vision

Our Clients around the globe have entrusted us with nurturing growth in their assets. That's a responsibility we take to heart.

Placing substantial market value in play, based on recommendations made by our Advisors & Planners, naturally reflects a tremendous sense of trust & confidence our Clients have in us — in our wisdom, our thoughtful appraisal & evaluation, and our strategic insight.

By giving us the specific knowledge we need to serve their interests, our Clients may share their most sensitive business & trade information. We not only receive that information with the proper respect & regard, we also seek to apply it most effectively And, to shield & protect it.

Industry Expertise, and Short-Term, Intermediate & Long-Range Horizons

Our professional Consultants, Planners, Advisors & Managers couple their wealth of Management & Planning expertise, experience & insight, with highly focused skill, talent & wisdom.

Within that framework, a Client may work directly with one specific Account Manager, but that Manager is backed by our entire Team.

And, the Team brings an informed understanding & deep background in international, regional, national & local issues which may affect our Clients' positions in business, commerce, industry or trade. That understanding & background can also shape the strategies, solutions, recommendations & insight we offer.

Our Seven Pillars

Performance Built on the Highest Professional Standards And
No Hidden Agendas

TAILORED SOLUTIONS We bring a broad depth of knowledge, experience & insight — in many & various Industries and sectors of Business, Commerce & Trade — to every new assignment we are given. We complement that with our keen awareness of International, Regional, National & Local economies, markets & marketplaces, and apply that broad knowledge & experience in developing specific strategies, programs, projects and / or 'products' for each individual Client, based on the Client's individual operating parameters, circumstances and goals & objectives. Every solution we recommend is 'tailor-made'.

INTEGRITY The challenge of creating, developing, recommending and / or implementing Strategies, Programs, Projects and / or 'Products' for the specific Client, based on that Client's own unique situation & circumstances, is an awesome responsibility. Our Clients are trusting us with their operational, managerial & fiscal well-being, and we will never treat that challenge or task lightly. We will only create, develop, recommend and / or implement strategies, programs, projects and / or 'products' for the specific Client which we sincerely believe to be best for the Client and its situation, goals & objectives. For us, that's a matter of professional integrity we will not compromise.

INSIGHT True insight doesn't just occur magically. It comes from directed thinking, gathered information & thoughtful contemplation, augmented by knowledge, experience & wisdom. We seek out broad, current or the latest information & knowledge available, related to our Client or the industry it operates in, as a way to feed our insight. And, then, we incorporate that expanded perspective in our work on behalf of the Client. That way, we can bring dynamic, creative yet practical & prudent ideas & solutions to the work we do for our Client, regardless of the final approach we may recommend.

CONFIDENTIALITY All of the statements made in describing the pillars we rely on would mean nothing if we don't offer our Clients the highest level of confidentiality & privacy possible. Of course, our work with our Clients puts us in an extremely intimate position, and that position comes with a tremendous responsibility & burden. That responsibility of Confidentiality and the burden of Privacy. We never lose sight of that dual commitment we willingly make. It resides at the very core of our professionalism and our commitment to perform at the highest levels — and our desire & drive to be one of the greatest assets our Clients can ever find, in the full spectrum of Business, Commerce, Industry & Trade.

UNDERSTANDING To do the best work possible for our Clients, and to tailor our work to the individual Client's specific situation, circumstances, goals & objectives, we need to know how the Client thinks; its operations, managerial & fiscal management approach; and its organizational, market-position & revenue priorities. We also need to know our Client's decision-making process; the market niche it strives to fill & the quality of the products & services it offers; and how the Client relates to its Customers, Clients, Employees & Investors. That understanding & the intimate exposure it carries come with a tremendous responsibility. We never lose sight of that responsibility, or the fact that we must always protect & shield the 'look inside' we are given.

RESPONSIBILITY There is more to the quality being truly responsible to our Clients than simply holding ourselves accountable for our time, effort, our proposals & our recommendations. That responsibility includes being reliable & dependable, always acting in a professional way and going beyond just what is expected, even if we're not being paid for the extra effort, as often as we can — and doing that without being asked. Our sense of professional responsibility inspires us to reach for higher plateaus in everything we do for our Client, without fanfare. For us, the true mark of professionalism is: 'Looking for the best answers, solutions & results possible for our Clients, without compromise!'

TRUST None of the pillars we rely on can exist without the quality of 'Trust' between our Clients and our Advisors & Consultants. That quality of trust reflects a special bond we form with each & every Client we serve. Their individual situations & circumstances may be widely different, but the bond of trust we have with each Client is a universal quality we share with all of our Clients. Of course, trust can't be simply mandated, it must be earned. We earn that trust with the bearing we bring to each situation & assignment, with the detail we embrace & the depth we offer, and with the professionalism & integrity we deliver. We believe 'Trust is at the heart of everything we do,' and we hold ourselves to a very high standard in continuing to earn our Clients' trust every day. In doing that, we make sure we have no hidden agendas, other than our sincere commitment to do the best work possible for each & every Client, with each & every assignment.

Consulting, Planning & Management Service & Support; An Independent Voice And a World of Skill & Talent

As we've said, each Client relationship & every assignment we accept is distinct & unique. To fulfill our mission, we may need to find additional Advisors or Consultants who have specific knowledge & expertise to complement our own.

When that is necessary, the Advisors & Consultants we identify & recruit operate under our close supervision & commitments. We stay involved, and assure our Clients that the quality, integrity & responsibility we promise will be maintained. Our goal at all times is to ensure that our Clients receive the most up-to-date, timely & pertinent information, knowledge, experience & skill possible, provided effectively & efficiently, so our Clients can conduct their business at the highest levels without complications.

Regardless of whether we're serving an international, regional, national or local Business, Company, Corporation or High Net-Worth Individual, we see ourselves as a key professional resource & asset with a unique global perspective.

Our Own Broad Global Network, Renowned Outside Advisors & Consultants

Our Clients benefit greatly from our own in-depth experience & understanding, especially as that relates to issues which cross Time Zones & National Borders. They also benefit from our working closely with an extensive network of skilled Professionals around the world.

That network includes International offices in key cities across the globe. And, we bolster that with skilled, independent Advisors & Consultants whom we recruit whenever we need to add specific knowledge, experience, insight or expertise we may not already have.

We embrace a philosophy which advocates that "The Best Advice Comes from the Ability to Think Independently." And, our Clients confirm that they value our independent thinking. That's important, especially in terms of putting our Clients at the center of everything we do and working at providing the best possible products, service & support possible.

A Broad, Professional Scope And a Full Menu of Services

Management Consulting & Financial Planning

  • Company Formation & Organizational Structure
  • Structuring a Business, Company or Corporation
  • Organizational Structure in Multiple Jurisdictions
  • Establishing Banking relationships
  • Establishing Banking relationships in Multiple Jurisdictions
  • Financial Structure & Financial Planning
  • Management, Operations & Administration Services
  • Identifying & recruiting Directors, Executives, Managers
  • Identifying & recruiting potential Investors
  • Establishing Registered Addresses, including Multiple Jurisdictions
  • Drafting, preparation & distribution of Corporate documents

Due Diligence & Compliance

  • Conducting Due Diligence for Internal programs, projects, products, services
  • Conducting Due Diligence for potential Partners'
  • Conducting Due Diligence for Governmental, Regulatory compilance
  • Conducting Due Diligence for Industry or Trade compliance
  • Conducting Due Diligence for Anti-Money Laundering screening & compliance
  • Conducting Due Diligence for Legal, Legislative compliance

Wealth Management Solutions & Proposals

Legal Advisory

Our Partners are very important to us — and to the work we do. We only work with Companies, Corporations, Institutions, Vendors & Providers who share the same high standards of professional performance, integrity & commitment which we embrace and, together, we seek answers, solutions & recommendations which Will serve our Clients in the best way possible.

To do the work we do, we have established direct, professional relationships with many leading global Institutions, with both Onshore & Offshore platforms, but we are not committed to any one Institution. Rather, we work at matching our Client's specific needs with the best available solutions, regardless of the Institution which may offer that solution.

There are many different ways to contact us, including those identified here. The best way is Email.

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However, if you are an existing Client, please contact your Account Manager directly with any questions or requests you may have.